Oshawa’s history originated as a post for the fur trade between the Mississauga’s of the New Credit First Nations and the French. Over time the history of the city has become intertwined with the history of General Motors in Canada, and as General Motors becomes less dependent on the city it’s fabric changes with it.

This project stems from my interest in examining suburban spaces through photography and seeing how they change over time. When I begin to explore a space I would start with a simple drive through the city. I think that’s the best way of beginning to understand how a city works.

In the summer of 2016 I began to do a series of drives where I would dedicate each trip to examining different pockets of the city. After several trips I kept gravitating towards Simcoe St the main arty that connects the north and south. What fascinates me about Simcoe Street is how significantly different it is from the South to the North. The South end reflects an older generation of the city and North reflects a newer community one that is based around Durham College.

This body of work investigates the various historical, commercial, and residential sites that surround Simcoe St and illustrate the evolution of the city.